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"get your stuff together, come on join the band and have faith in what you know, hold it in your hand"


Welcome to our band


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Hey Folks

We sure miss Dustin.  The band is in a transition time (again!), a figuring-it-out time (again).  Ray and Vic have been  making B & B music for 13 years(!) we've been through member shake-ups before, we'll get through this one.  The music is too important to quit no?  Keep posted.  In the transition Vic's family has offered to fill in, we'll go with that.

Dustin.  Wherever you are.  You are sorely missed!  All the best in your new en devours our friend!

B & B


A bit of back-Band news:

We've had a great year of making music in many varied settings!  Everything from city plazas to living rooms, churches to hospital rooms.  Ya know?  It's ALL good!  We're just so happy to be here and contribute.  Making and sharing our craft is a sacred trust.  Funny how something so "sacred" can be so FUN!!  (hmm... have to think more on that one....sacred fun?)


'round here....

Lots of hurt going on all over the place.  It's a beautiful world, it's a terrible world. Always  keep those affected in your  thoughts and prayers, and strongly consider volunteering wherever you are.  For "head in the clouds but hands in the mud" is a compassionate, rewarding  way to live.  Make a difference in someone's life and YOUR life where you live.  Reach out and do good.  Volunteer. 

and of course....

Please continue to remember Tim.  Our thoughts are with him every day.  We look forward to the time when he can join us again.

As always, thanks for your interest and support of us and our music. 

and oh yeah....please

Be good to each other.  


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